DSL Is Available!!

Verizon has stated that they will not be providing DSL to the Mount Forest neiborhood in the near future. I have recieved the same answer from the local cable provider. I finally got frustrated with my Satellite internet and ordered a T1 line. I will soon be ordering a DSLAM unit to provide DSL services to other interested people. This does not come cheap but it will be an option that was not available before.

Verizon has agreed to lease me lines from my location (where the DSLAM will be located) to any home in Mt. Forest for $35 per month. This install comes with a close to $500 fee for Verizon's installation of the line. My charge for a 768k SDSL internet connection is $100 per month. You will also need a CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) or DSL Modem for your end of the line ($60 - $100). This is fairly close to Verizon's charge for SDSL of the same speed if they were to provide it. Some time in the future, I may offer a lower speed version of DSL for a reduced cost, but there are no immediate plans for that. I am going to try and waive an install fee on my end. It all depends on how many people are interested.

  • Start Up Fees
    • Total Install (Non Recuring Fees) $500.00
    • Equipment Cost (DSL Modem) $75.00

  • Monthly Cost
    • (Phone Line + 768k Internet Service) $135.00

  • Contract Term: 1 Year
  • Install Time Frame: 6 Working Days

Speed - The speed of the DSL service being offered here is 768k in both directions. The fact that this service is the same speed in both directions (SDSL - The 'S' stands for Symetrical) is important because most DSL lines are refered to as ADSL. The 'A' stands for Asymetrical. It is usually 768k download, but only 100k upload. If you are a programmer or other occupation where you need to upload information to the web, the slow upload speed can be frustrating. Compare this speed to the 28k dialup modem many of you are using right now. That is 27 times faster and always connected!!

Additional Services - Traditionally, any connection to the internet includes email accounts and web page space. Most people already have email accounts and if they need web space, it is easy to find. While I can offer these services if needed, I am not including them as a default.

When? - This service should be available by the end of September 2003.

Terms - I am not verizon and I do not have an obligation to help you troubleshoot your computer. I am a person in the technology field who wants high speed internet and would like to help provide it to the neighborhood. If you don't like my terms, don't buy my service. This is a considerable investment for me in both time and money and I am trying to keep a fair price for the end users.

This service is not being provided so one person can monopolise our internet bandwidth. If you are a serious gamer or intend to copy multi-gigabytes of traffic every month, there will be additional bandwidth fees. The normal user will not need to worry about this. The contract will be more specific.

No SPAM, Porn, Hacking or other such activities. (if that needs explaination, don't subscribe).

What's Next? - I will be installing one circuit to one home within the next two weeks to verify the Verizon lines are usable for our purposes. Once that test is complete, I will be taking orders for other installations.

These terms are subject to change.

For more information. Email me at: DSLInfo@aeisecure.com